The Avenue Group, Inc.

It’s Family of Fine Companies

A complete Facility Service for Companies wishing to outsource

Ati’s experience in facility design ,
Management, site fit-out and construction enables us to offer a full spectrum of services.

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We Determine Site Needs

Offices need to support you in your business objective and function. ATI can assist you in your search for new or additional sites by helping you determine your needs and developing site selection criteria.

We Conduct Site Surveys

can evaluate the site(s) that you have under consideration and render an opinion as to which best supports your business objective and functional needs.


We develop Workplace Standards

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Let’s face it, you are going to spend money for office furniture and fixtures - why not spend it based upon a plan that supports the bottom line.



ATI can develop a Workplace Standards program specifically geared to your company’s functional requirements and budget.

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We Develop Deployment Strategy


 Many good projects die in their infancy because they seem undeliverable. Due to our corporate background, we are experts in identifying deployment vehicles and developing deployment strategies.

We Manage Relocation and Remodeling Projects

We are the relocation experts! We are able to provide you with site options, rental rates with build outs. These sites can be outfitted with furniture, Computer Networks and Telephone Systems, Monitored and wired with security. This can all be placed in one pricing structure, leaving you with one monthly bill to pay. This allows a company in the expansion mode to expend its capital on expansion.


We Provide
Receiving, Storage, Delivery and Installation for new projects.


ATI can receive and inspect product for new projects. Perform complete follow up on damage and coordination for delivery and Installation.

We provide
Installation of Desks, Work Stations and Wall Panel Systems


Installers are experienced on all major furniture systems and
most all of the smaller manufacturers products.
We have worked with Steelcase, GF, Haworth, Herman Miller, Hon etc. etc.
ATI is experienced with the assembly of
Bush, Bevis, O’Sullivan, Marvel Ameriwood
and many more.
ATI services Illinois and its surrounding States.
ATI has reasonable rates and is fully insured.


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Tel. 630 543 5500
Fax 630 543 FAXX

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