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Dear Sir or Madam :

   We certainly appreciate your providing us the opportunity to introduce The Avenue Group, and its Family of Fine Companies. The Avenue Group, is structured to provide both an economy of scale and economy of scope to its clientele. We have an interest in performing in an exceptional manner for our clients, it is our intent to develop your confidence and trust in us and our Family of Fine Companies. We believe our performance, accompanied with a true motive to do the best and most economical job possible, is the best approach towards earning additional business. Our Family of Fine Companies is dependent on relationship business, and we will continue to contribute to the growth and success of our clientele.

As an introduction, our family began with Avenue One Leasing in 1981. Thru performance and efficiency we have earned the confidence and trust of our clients. We concentrate on providing solutions to problems, thus we are able, through the synergy and scope of our Family of Fine Companies, to provide transaction type products and services in a relationship arena. This philosophy allows us to operate with an economy of scale that provides significant cost reductions which are passed across to you, our client.

Over the last few years we have taken on some significant projects for some very large organizations. This has increased our purchasing power and again reduced costs to our clientele. This is the economy of scope that I had mentioned previously.

The people of The Avenue Group, Inc. and its Family of Fine Companies are dedicated towards a synergy of efficiency which provides savings that are passed on directly to our customers. As a result of this synergy and scope we are able to work in very competitive arenas without any competition. This approach was developed through years of experience with major corporations. We have incorporated all the necessities and objectives that are required to perform within budgets, while providing quality and service at the least possible cost. It is with this effort that we are more often than not rewarded with future opportunities to show our worth. Let us earn your business.

Our representative will call to arrange a visit with you at some point in the near future. Thanks again.
Anthony J. Gianfrancisco
President and C.E.O. of The Avenue Companies



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